Kavkaski is a realm of endless mountain ranges covered in snow and ice. With an average temperature just below freezing and thinner air than what is common in the middle worlds, visitors to Kavkaski feel as if they are climbing the highest peaks of Vargarin or the tallest trees of Sylphmius.
The low temperatures keep natural bodies of water frozen year-round. Everything from rivers and lakes to the great oceans. The smooth and level surfaces of these bodies makes travel over ice flows much easier than navigating the many peaks.
Life would be all but impossible if not for sparse wooded areas that provide edible, frost-resistant plants and a refuge for game animals.

The Burning Springs

Proof that Kavkaski once had heat lies in the Burning Springs. An island covered with natural “hot” springs that provide the only known source of flowing water and keeps the surrounding area warmier than the rest of the realm, just above freezing. The warmer climate also provides more favorable conditions for vegetation, creating the largest forest in Kavkaski.


To the rest of the Multiverse, Kavkaski is simply home to the Goliaths and their larger, less pleasant cousins, the Giants.
On the more bestial side of things, the frozen mountains are a habitat to many other larger-than-life creatures. Giant worms, rocs, remorhazes, and yetis have all caused the goliaths problems. In the woodland groves—especially the Burning Springs—smaller creatures can be readily found; bears, elk, apes, worgs, etc.

The Unexplored Lands

Since the dawn of recorded history on Kavkaski, the Giants have been the most prevalent race inhabiting the mountainous lands. The goliaths, possessing a crippling size disadvantage, have been able to cut out their own homelands in what is considered the center of Kavkaski, but have not had the force needed to pass beyond the claimed territories of the giants. This has left (unassumingly) much of Kavkaski unexplored.
Traditional stories passed down from the earliest days of remembering suggest that there are other tribes of Golaiths beyond the Giant’s boarders.


The most prominent travel gates are the White Bear Gate and the Black Steel Gate.

  • The White Bear Gate is located in Uhrokai and connects to Vargarin, just north of the city of Port Peril. It is supplied constant power by the underground springs common to the area.
  • The Black Steel Gate is located in Kamin and connects to Draughuin. It’s primary power source comes from the heat generated by the Jalayzagorin clan’s Kavite forges.
  • The mountain range Velico’s End hosts a number of less stable gates connecting to Drakkeholm, Grugren, and the Shimmering Spires.
  • Many more minor gates are scattered throughout the explored lands, mostly connecting to Varagrin, though little interest has been made to develop or maintain them.


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